12 11 / 2011

I have been composing blog posts in my head for some time now, but failing to make it to where anyone else could read these posts. So below is a random outpour of a few things that have been going on with us. 

An update… Brooks turned 4 last week so we have a sinful amount of new toys that have moved into the house.  Trying to find a place for them all to live has been a challenge. Trying to talk a 4 year old through giving away some toys to “children who don’t have ANY toys” is my next mission.  Jane has moved into toddlerhood. She is almost 17 months old. The throwing herself on the floor in an emotional breakdown or stomping her feet if she doesn’t get her way have become almost hourly occurrences.  I am mourning the loss of her babyhood. Where has my sweet, laid back baby girl gone? Ha! ;) But seriously, she has such a fun personality. She continues to be a wonderful addition to our family. She brings us so much joy!

I have again fallen in love with our house. We have a small-ish house (according to first world standards) and have lived here since we married over 8 years ago. We remodeled it and made it our own, finished the basement for John to have an office etc. Lately with the addition of a new venture into my life (will detail later) I have found myself in need of my own space for art and sewing projects, and a permanent space for my laptop to stay with the addition of an external monitor and components. During this 2-3 week journey I found myself really under attack, feeling discontent with our home and wanting something bigger, newer, etc. With some soul searching and scripture reading I was inspired to do some rearranging and have found myself again content and in love with our little house. There are things I love about living in a <1800 sq ft home: being able to hear the children from one end of the house to the other and know what they are doing based on the giggles, cries, or the silence. Another is the area we live in: the woods, I love hearing the leaves rustling as the wind blows, having the beautiful woodsy view from the back windows of the house. I just love it here. More important than loving our home I love the feeling of contentment. There will always be something else, something newer, something bigger, better. I am choosing contentment. Sometimes it’s a daily battle, but a battle worth fighting. 

25 7 / 2011

In an effort to make everything fair… Brooks has made it a habit lately to ‘dirty’ his underwear. This has gone on for days and finally (out of sheer desperation) I asked him WHY he is doing this (he has been potty trained for a year!) and he looked at me and said “Mom, Jane [dirties] her pants all the time and it’s OK!” So, maybe (crossing my fingers) since I have explained to him why it is indeed NOT ok for him to act like a baby in this way, he will stop this behavior.  In the meantime, more laundry. :)

21 7 / 2011

I am sitting at a coffee shop working (always with my headphones in my ears). I just heard Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest”. He is one of John’s favorite artists and his music always reminds me of the years John and I dated. The song speaks to me. As far as I am concerned, Ben Folds captures in words why marriage is so amazing (for lack of a better word and also why I am NOT a song writer): the love, the commitment, the feeling that the other one is your soulmate forever, no one else exists in your world.  We are coming up on our 8th anniversary next week and that feeling I felt when we first married still comes flooding back when I least expect it… sitting alone working, not particularly thinking of him. I love that. Marriage continues to be such a gift. The longer we are married I have found myself more and more thankful for our partnership, our history, our future. 

12 7 / 2011

Wow, it’s amazing what a little inspiration does for the general outlook.  I just booked some fun new freelance work I am SO excited about, unexpectedly ran into a friend at a coffee shop after my biz meeting and had wonderful conversation. Thank you Lord for sweet inspiration! 

11 7 / 2011

Brooks seems to always keep me poised in position just between impatient emotional explosion and complete and total awe (followed by guilt for my impatience). He asks over 1 million questions a day…example “Mom, is this plastic or metal?” 5 seconds later, “Mom, have you ever seen an earplug?” I could go on all day. Such is life with a 3 year old. It’s wonderful (most of the time). This blog will hopefully help me record more of the hilarious things my kids do and say. 

He ran through the kitchen holding his crotch. I asked him if he needed to go potty, he of course said NO!. As we were having this exchange he was dancing around holding himself. I insisted he go potty immediately.  I hear him messing with the doorknob talking with great intensity. I listen for several minutes off and on and then decide to go investigate. After all, I never heard a flush or water running. I walk up and see him trying to open the door with a toy/makeshift tool and yelling in a MacGyver-like way “it’s locked, it’s locked!!! how are we going to get in there?!” all while still doing the ‘pee pee’ dance. I check the doorknob then tell him to GO POTTY NOW, the door is not locked. He stands up straight looks at me and says “Mom, I was using my imagination, okay?.” I stood my ground because at that point I was fearful for my wood floors and the wetness that was immanent.

I am writing this as he and his sister zoom around the living room, he on a Lightning McQueen plastic scooter thing and she in her walker, chewing on a cold teether and trying her best to keep up. “See you at the finish line Jane, eat my dust!!” he says.

This is the life. 

08 7 / 2011

Our new living room rug arrived this afternoon via freight truck including a greasy handed delivery guy (very kind but greasy all the same). He told me that he had accidentally ripped a hole in the plastic wrapping getting it out of the truck. I looked closer to find that there was grease on the rug. He was super nice about having me “refuse delivery” — it sounds like I pitched a fit… “refusing delivery” but I didn’t. The same can’t be said about Jane though, she was quite heartbroken about the rug. Poor thing. 

07 7 / 2011

Summer fun at our house! (Brooks, Jane and the ‘Opitus’)

07 7 / 2011

Well, here it is… our blog! I’m so excited! Stay tuned…